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The Day After Christmas ’06

Director: MAN3
Starring: Bone Crusher Solid and Skunky

“This is a collection of footage from a DXM Study conducted by Bone Crusher Solid and Skunky. Great stuff!”

“I am tripping balls. Watch these crazy ass videos. Trippin mad nuts.”

“Well, I remember we were fucked and having all sorts of crazy idea’s and thought’s. At some point in that crazy night, we went to the woods and on the way there or back or maybe the whole time but I do know I was walkin with some crazy swaying motion with my legs..lmao. I still can’t believe I was walkin like that impersonating how we will walk in the future..LMAO!!. Good times.”
-Bone Crusher Solid

You can watch it here on YouTube.

>>Download here:
The Day After Christmas ’06